Here are what a few of our newest Lenders and Tenders think of the new garden Lending idea, Lend and Tend.

“This is a win win situation! I have a garden that needs doing and there is someone nearby that wants to do it? Be my guest! “

Sunni, garden owner. Fulham. 

“Use my garden! PLEASE as be delighted with a lettuce here or there in return! You can have the back garden borders at prior negotiated time if you mow the lawn once a month between Feb and October. I’d be more than happy with that. What a fantastic set up.”

Bill, garden owner. Lewisham.

“What with the allotment list being never-ending, it’s 2 miles away from where I live anyway. I love having somewhere to grow at the end of my road.”

Dan, garden tender. Streatham.

I have a garden and never have the time or money to make it come into fruition..what a great idea.”

Sophie, garden owner. Clapton.

“My grandad loves this idea, he was an avid gardener but is now in a wheelchair. With a Tender from Lend and Tend he can enjoy his garden again whilst someone else does all the hard work but gets to grow all the veg they want. My grandad’s out in Essex, so I’m gonna do it a bit nearer to where I live, get a bit healthier, increase the salad in my life…hopefully.”

Richie, garden tender and grandson of garden owner. Canning Town.