Get together Garden-Share

Ground Rules,

Garden-Sharing Risks &

Getting Ready. 


things to consider:


Ground Rules


  • Lenders and Tenders should be over the age of 18.
  • Garden Lenders, it’s up to you; how, when and to whom you Lend your garden.
  • Garden Tenders, it’s up to you; how, when and to whom you Tend to a garden. 
    • It is advised that Lending Garden owners and Tending Garden users draw up agreements* prior to Lending or Tending. An agreement* should detail visitation rules, garden plans/ Lender and Tender expectations/ project objectives that both parties intend to honour, how long your garden sharing terms last and should be signed by both parties: Lender and Tender. (Suggested template agreements* are available once your Lend and Tend Patch-Match has been processed.) 
  • Lend and Tend (Lend & Tend) or associated gardeners are not under any obligation to provide garden Lenders with permanent gardening service(s) for any limited time, other than what the garden ‘Tender’ and a ‘Lender’ mutually agree privately. Nor do garden Tenders have access to garden Lender's property without prior arranged consent. 


Garden-Sharing Risks



  • Introductions: Always exchange emails and talk on the phone before you meet a potential Patch-Match. 
  • We suggest that you initially meet your Patch-Match with a buddy if going to a garden for the first time. Same goes for inviting people to your garden, have someone host with you. Your buddy can always help you suss out if garden sharing's going to be right for you. 
  • Lend and Tend (Lend & Tend) nor it’s associates, friends, employees, partners or affiliates uphold any responsibility for any loss or damage to any property, hurt or injury to any individuals, animals or yourself. 
  • For your protection and safety, it is advised that you seek professional advice from your insurers to ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover any losses or damages to any persons or any property, including yourself and your own. 


  • Garden owners, please ensure your garden is free from any obstructions or materials that could cause harm i.e. glass amongst digging beds, or if you believe there may be harmful materials like asbestos present, please consult professional advice if you are unsure. 
  • Please make sure that all tools and garden equipment are safe to use. 
  • Garden Tenders, if you are unsure about using gardening equipment, consult product guides or a professional and if in doubt do not use hazardous equipment.
  • Wear protective clothing such as goggles, gloves and knee pads where necessary.


Getting Ready


Once you've signed up to garden share, it may take time for a Lender or Tender to become available in your area, so we'd appreciate your patience but help with sharing the news would be great.

We have posters you can print to put up in your local community's cafes, libraries and places of interest to help so you can spread the word, but old fashioned world of mouth is very helpful too. 

We ask you lots of questions when you sign up, it's so we can find you a suitable Patch-Match, however, there is no obligation for you to disclose personal information, e.g. a disability. However, it may help us find an accurate Patch-Match knowing if you need any special considerations i.e regarding access. 

  • Your Details.
    • We respect your private details and we will not, without your consent, supply your personal information to any third parties for the purpose of their or any other third party’s direct marketing.
  • We suggest a 2-4 week trial with your Lend and Tend Patch-Match.
    • If all goes well, discuss your availability then so you can commence your garden sharing project.

A garden sharing solution isn't always immediately possible. You can find where Lenders and Tenders are available on our map. 


...and if you've any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Email



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the FEE TO SIGN UP? 

There is no formal price we put on Patch-Matching you. Garden Sharing shouldn't cost The Earth. However what it will cost is your engagement. 

Garden Lenders Please Read: 

We are asking you to pay in your time and your willing.  

Perhaps you once loved your garden and now can't see the woods for the weeds. Or maybe your garden has never seen the marvel of a shovel? 

If this is the case, with your willing and generosity in sharing your garden, you could see more dividends than it could ever cost you, however:

  • It's between yourself and your garden Tender to decide who buys what; i.e garden related paraphernalia, but if you want your garden Tender to help with maintenance then we suggest that you provide the tools (e.g. a mower) to do the job that most importantly, in a safe working order. 

  • If your garden Tender wants to cultivate particular plants or edibles that you don't currently have, then any new plants should be discussed, including who should be responsible for their cost. 

  • Many garden Tenders buy their own seeds for things like fruits, veg and herbs, but things like permanent perennials that Lenders can enjoy for many years to come, could be paid for by the garden Lender. 

garden TenderS please Read:

It will cost your time, your willing, your patience and your engagement. 

Sharing a garden is no mean feat, it is an act of generosity, kindness but blimmin' hard graft. On top of all this, we are asking you to come on the garden sharing journey with us, let's see if we can make the world a better place, one garden at a time. 

Be mindful of the garden Lenders express wishes and make sure your gardening plans are discussed together. 

  • It's between yourself and your garden's Lender to decide who buys what; i.e garden related paraphernalia, but if you have been asked by your garden Lender to help with maintenance then we suggest that they provide the tools (e.g. a mower) to do the job and that you check that these tools are most importantly, in a safe working order. 

  • If you want to cultivate particular plants or edibles that don't exist in the garden, then any new plants should be discussed with the garden Lender, including who should be responsible for their cost. 

  • Many garden Tenders buy their own seeds for things like fruits, veg and herbs, but things like permanent perennials that Lenders can enjoy for many years to come, could be paid for by the garden Lender. 

However, it DOES cost TO KEEP Lend and Tend RUNNING

It does costs us time, willing, patience and our engagement, too but most of all because we love what we do, we're more that willing to stand in the rain and sun, burn the midnight oil or be up with with the lark to get the world garden sharing. 

BUT....There are also boring costs, for things like web hosting, domain registry, essential business costs, travel fees to volunteer at community events, sending mail outs and (where unavoidable despite an attempt to be as green as possible) printing things like posters and flyers that we have to pay for, so your kind donations help Lend and Tend keep running and are welcomed with our fondest gratitude. 

Please click to donate. Your generosity is hugely appreciated. 




2. Where can I lend or Tend

Click on the Lend and Tend Google map to find out where people are Lending or Tending gardens; all the way from Aberdeen to Adelaide, Australia.



3. How long before I'm Patch-Matched?

When we introduce a (garden owner) Lender to (a person interested in gardening) Tender, it's a Patch-Match!

This can take minutes or months. Unfortunately. There is no way we can apply a timescale to how long it takes to get you Patch-Matched.

As soon as we have seen you are interested in sharing your garden or sharing someones garden your location details, are added to our map. We'll then post on social media about it and if you want to help, your Tweets and Facebook Posts would be hugely welcomed. 

We're based in London and spend a lot of time going to community events to spread the word, volunteering in gardens and speaking at events to tell everyone we can about you wonderful people who want to garden-share. 

However, if you're not in London and want to help us help you, we can do it the old fashioned way, we have posters you can print and put up in local businesses like cafes, libraries and on community notice boards to let people know Lend and Tend is happening in your area.  



4. Finally. Why..?

Lend and Tend aims to operate for the benefit of community, to also support individual garden Tenders in their quest to garden; to also support individual garden Lenders in their quest to utilise their garden space. 

Lend and Tend also aims to raise awareness about protecting wildlife, our environment and securing our future food sources. 


So what’s the green goal?

Gardens are too precious to be neglected and green spaces, no matter how small are so beneficial to our health and wellbeing, therefore we believe that no garden should go un-gardened. 

How many untended gardens are there in your neighbourhood?  But many people can’t garden anymore or simply don’t have time to. Maybe this is your garden? Or a neighbour’s?  Many people also dream of gardening, having an allotment even; maybe this is you?

Isn’t it a shame that potential garden space goes to waste, when so many don’t have a garden to grow in and waiting lists for allotments are endless? Just think of all of the unloved gardens that could be used to grow in again. 

Were here to start the garden sharing revolution. 

Peter Ball's Garden (1 of 1).jpg

no garden vs. can't garden

Many homes have much garden space, many allotments have decade-long waiting lists, so Lend & Tend is here to help people who wish they could garden and it also helps people who wished they didn’t have to!



 Unloved gardens often indicate that garden owners would not only appreciate a helping hand, but also someone to talk to occasionally. We're experiencing an epidemic of loneliness and a lack of space. 

The good news is that gardened gardens knit neighbourhoods. Gardened gardens make areas more attractive, less attractive to crime, making streets safer, more social where people can live healthier and greener lives. 



Most people who live in flats are unlikely to have the tools to start gardening, so why not help you neighbours in need of garden equipment and Tool Pool. Put that dusty stuff to good use. Not only can you share your garden, but also you can 'Pool your tools' and get a share of the garden Tender's crop swap. The great thing is: Someone lends you a hand and you don't need to get your  hands dirty to lend your stuff. 

Peter Ball's Garden (1 of 1).jpg