Lend and Tend, make gardening friends, because life's too short to spend indoors.


There are many ways that you can get involved in the garden sharing mission


You could volunteer to Tend to a garden 

You could volunteer your garden

You could volunteer to teach people how to garden

You could sponsor content

You could sponsor our next community collaboration

You could help someone tidy their garden

You could donate gardening materials

You could help get people #PatchMatched by sharing this poster

You could host an event, if you're already hosting one, we'd be happy to come and speak at your event

You could write a blog, we'd love to hear how you fell in or out of love with gardening, or if you have garden advice to share. 

You could make a donation. With our most heartfelt gratitude, in advance, thank you! 

If you have an even better idea, let us know! 


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