Get together Garden-Share

Can't Garden?  

Lend your garden

Whilst 1000's wait for allotment plots, many would love to grow in a garden, like yours. 

Got the garden knack, but got a bad back?

Share your skills. Teach your garden Tender how to get your garden blooming again together?

Get help. Grow Food. Not weeds!  

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Not using your garden?

Give someone the chance to grow.


No Garden?

Tend to someone else's garden  

When allotment space can mean a long wait, find a nearby garden to grow in, locally.

Get to know garden owners. Get to grow.

If your day isn't dandy, take it out on the dandelions. Find inner peace; grow cabbage leaves. 

No garden, *sigh*, then sign up!

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Want space to grow?

Give someone a helping hand.


 Where can I share? 

 Click the map to find a Patch-Match anywhere from Aberdeen, to Adelaide, Australia. 


Sign up. We'll keep your details safe and get in touch when a suitable Patch-Match becomes available. Ready?