No Garden? No Problem!

Can’t Garden? Find out who can!

Let’s Get You Garden Sharing.

Garden space is limited and not everyone can spend time in their garden, so garden share with Lend and Tend. You could even Crop-Swap in your community. Garden sharing knits neighborhoods so find the perfect Patch-Match. Sign up to Lend or Tend.



Got space to spare? Can’t garden? Find out who can!

Is your garden going to waste? 1000s of people are on waiting lists to join allotments and so many people living in flats without gardens are keen to have the opportunity to garden. If your outdoor space is looking unloved and you’ve no time or inclination or simply can’t garden, then let someone else love it instead.

If your outdoor space is looking unloved and you’ve no time or you simply can’t garden, then let someone else love it instead.

Offer some of your outdoor space to someone that would like to Tend to it, they could possibly help you maintain it, they could even grow produce in your garden and share some of it with you.

  • If garden space is going spare and needs care – offer someone room to grow.
  • See your garden blooming again with help from someone who’d love to help.
  • No time to garden?  Let someone else garden it, then when you look at it, enjoy it.
  • Is it difficult to maintain your garden? Let someone do the work who wants to.
  • Need a helping hand? You can bet there’s someone nearby who’d love to lend a Tending hand, so Lend your garden space going to waste!


Lend and Tend to make gardening friends and get your garden back in bloom.

Nowhere to grow? No garden? No problem! 

Losing the plot waiting a long time for an allotment? There’s now a way to get allotment-like space, without a long wait. So don’t be green with envy when you see an unloved garden that you’d love to get your hands on and try not to see red, when you see gardens concreted over and grey; Get green fingered instead.

You could be helping someone in need of a helping hand, whilst you get stuck-in doing what you love: Gardening! Help a neighbour with maintenance in return for use of some of their outdoor space.

  • Do you wish you had a garden? If you haven’t got your own, Tend to someone else’s.
  • When community garden’s timetables are hard to fit in with; grow on your own.
  • Not only are allotments hard to come by, but they’re often hard to get to, so garden in a garden that could possibly be right on your doorstep. Grow in a garden nearby!
  • Spend more time outside rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty. If your day isn’t looking so dandy, take your day’s frustrations on some dandelions. Find inner peace with cabbage leaves.


Tend to a garden with Lend and Tend. Get to know, where you can grow. Cultivate care, cultivate and share.

Find the perfect Patch-Match.

Click on your area to zoom in on the searchable Google map. Purple leaves point to patches and green tips point to growers.

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