Get together share gardens
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No Garden?


Can't Garden?


Lend and Tend is a voluntary run initiative to help people share gardens.

Gardens and gardening offer us a multitude of benefits, however people who can't manage their garden and people have no garden at all to enjoy have a problem. 

What if we could get together; garden owners sharing under-loved gardens with the garden-less who want to garden? 

Well, now you can!

Sign up, click LEND or TEND below, or continue reading. 


Who can lend or Tend?

Garden owners, for whom gardening is no longer possible, have no time, interest can share their garden can Lend a garden.  

People with no garden space and want some can sign up to submit their interest to Tend to a garden. 


Together garden Lenders and garden Tenders can benefit each other's well-being, care for the environment and even grow delicious fresh edibles locally.

Make new friends with people you'd never otherwise meet. Garden sharing will knit our neighbourhoods.


How does it work?

Register your interest in garden-sharing by filling in these forms to Lend or Tend We'll keep your details safe and never share them with any third parties and when a suitable Patch-Match becomes available we'll let you know. 


Can’t garden? Find out who can! 

Garden space going to waste? Garden neglected, at best not cared for?  Thousands are currently waiting for allotment plots, many don't have gardens, are keen to garden.

Meet someone, get help growing Food and Flowers, not weeds! 

  • Share your skills with a keen garden Tender. Got the garden knack, but got a bad back? Why not teach a garden Tender how to get your garden blooming again together?Read our blog.

No garden? No problem!   

Allotment space often comes with a long wait and can be difficult to get to, so why not help a neighbour with maintenance. In return, share growing space.

Find a nearby garden to Grow locally, why not Tend to someone else's garden?

  • Spend time outside. Gardening continually proves to improve wellbeing.  If your day hasn't been dandy, take it out on the dandelions. Find inner peace; grow cabbage leaves. Read our blog.

To find a Patch-Match click the map

As you can see we're busiest in London where Lend and Tend started, but you can follow the link to find a Patch-Match anywhere from Aberdeen, to Adelaide, Australia.