No Garden? No Problem!

Can’t Garden? Find out who can!

Find a Patch-Match and get Garden Sharing.

Lend and Tend is a new way to meet people for the purpose of sharing gardens.

We are a friendly community made of two schools of people; a) people who volunteer to help to Tend to other people’s gardens in return for sharing their garden space and b) people who own gardens who volunteer their gardens to be shared in exchange for some help in Tending them.

Why? Some of us have little to no personal garden space and some of us cannot spend time in the garden for many reasons; injuries, health or a lack of time.

Together we volunteer to benefit one another’s well-being, care for our environments and best of all; grow delicious fresh produce.

Garden sharing with Lend and Tend means we can make new friends with people we’d never otherwise meet. Garden sharing will knit our neighborhoods.

So if you’ve no garden, it’s no problem and if you can’t garden, find someone who can!

Find a Patch-Match. Sign up to Lend or Tend. Sign up to Lend or Tend.

Got space to spare? Can’t garden? Find out who can!

Is your garden going to waste? 1000s of people are on waiting lists for an allotment and many people live in flats without a garden who are keen to garden. So, if your garden is looking unloved and you’ve no time or can’t garden,  let someone else love it instead.

  • Share your garden so a Tender can grow some produce, you may end up with an abundance of edibles where weeds are currently thriving.
  • Share your skills with a keen garden Tender and teach them how to get your garden blooming again.
  • Share the burden of garden work with a Tender so they can benefit from enjoying a garden too.

Lend and Tend, make gardening friends.

If you need a helping hand, Lend your garden space going to waste!

Nowhere to grow? No garden? No problem! 

Losing the plot waiting a long time for an allotment? Don’t be green with envy when you see an unloved garden that you’d love to get your hands dirty in. Get green-fingered instead.

  • Help a neighbour with maintenance in return for use of some of their outdoor space.
  • Allotment space often comes with a long wait and they can be difficult to get to. Tend to a garden on your doorstep. Grow more locally!
  • Spend more time outside rolling up your sleeves. If your day isn’t looking dandy, take out your frustrations on some dandelions.
  • Find inner peace growing cabbage leaves.

Get to know, where you can grow. Cultivate care, cultivate and share.

Find the perfect Patch-Match.

Click on your area to zoom in on the searchable Google map. Purple leaves point to patches and green tips point to growers.

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