Hello! Welcome to the newest garden sharing website, Lend and Tend

Drumroll please. We’re very excited to introduce you to the newest garden sharing website, Lend and Tend; for people who don’t have a garden and wished they did and people who wished they didn’t have to garden and need some help.

For all of you that have been so patiently keeping up to date with the progress of Lend and Tend via InstagramTwitterFacebook and Tumblr; it brings us no greater pleasure to say we've launched. 

We’re now accepting Lenders; people who have a garden to spare, but more importantly, we need more Tenders; people who wish to have a garden. We know you’re out there! Scroll down the homepage and have a look at the Map to see what’s available, where and don’t forget to please share, share, share. 

We jumped in at the deep-end and shared the Lend and Tend journey so far at Croydon Tech City’s event at Project B. About 100 faces were in the audience and really took to the idea of getting the world gardening! So to those of you who came, thank you for being such a supportive audience. 

We’re also so grateful to the huge amounts of you who’ve reached out and shared details about Lend and Tend with your nearest and dearest already, this is the feedback we’ve seen so far…

“…this would be such a good scheme [for my mum] to get involved with, she can’t manage her garden like she used to, the garden’s going to waste!” 

“…someone wants to garden my garden? When we don’t want to! This is a win-win situation!” 

“ My local allotment has a 6 year waiting list, plus it’s 20 minutes away. I’m glad I can garden without the wait and it’s on my road! 

“I get my gardened garden and maybes some tomatoes, brilliant!”

Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more happy stories to come. 

So if you’re interested in Lending your garden or Tending to a garden near you and haven’t yet signed up, please do! Spring is coming and sowing season is upon us for summer vegetables and bright beautiful June blooms, so get Tending if this is something you’ve always wanted to do. 

Sign up for a Patch-Match if you dream of having a garden or allotment; somewhere to grow, right under your nose. Equally, if your garden is going to waste, then please sign up and let us know your garden space is free. You could make someone very happy as well as having the joy of a loved green garden outside your window. 

Next time: When Mum says: ‘Don’t eat food off the floor!’ Tell her that an accidental patio salad sprouting up in the cracks of the paving could be the best way to tackle weeds AND get your 5-a-day?’. Until then, No garden? No problem and if you can’t garden? Find someone who can! 

Joyce Veheary